Thursday, October 4, 2012

2 months of Working

I have moved on from a student life to a working life. Working is not as merry as I used to think last time. Yet, it holds a very valuable and memorable experience for me.

During my quest for a job, BP healthcare came to me. I thought it was a good timing as I desperately need a job and that branch is very near to my home. I accepted the offer as a Management Trainee/Medical Laboratory Technologist even though the overall package is not attractive and has 1.5-year contract. At that time, I really thought it would be “the one”.

Little did I know, I was actually boarded a “pirate ship”. My job scope is wide and need to cover so many things, from selling screening packages to handling the daily collection and the accounts for this centre. I don’t even being paid for my OT! So kedekut..

The challenge for this job is to draw blood sample from the customer. I need to poke a human! My hands were trembling while drawing for the first time. But now it’s better and manages to successfully draw blood in one trial. Besides blood, we need to handle human urine and feces every day! And it’s very disgusting, you know!

Despite that, what I like in this job is that it involves my medical field and I like dealing with customers even though some may be troublesome and very demanding. I would rather to deal with humans than the machines in lab which is boring! My colleagues are friendly and we’re able to “click” easily. Our fun time is to complaint about the work, complaint about our lazy colleagues who don’t want to do work, complaint about terrible customers and the list goes on.

In the end, I don’t regret taking up this job because I am doing something that I like. But, in the long term, it’s quite limited to grow in this place. Recently went for an interview at a pharmaceutical company, EP Plus, as a product consultant. Seems like that pharma company has better future than my current place. Should I leave for the pharma company if I got the offer? Hmm....


  1. Nice to see you back..its been a long time. Good to know you are happy working..if you do get a better offer, why not? are just out from uni and should try to get wider exposure and different challenges. Good luck!

  2. hi...long time no chat. welcome back. glad that u had finish study and start to work. that is no wrong to change job. the most important is you gain experience from what you working. ;)