Thursday, October 4, 2012

2 months of Working

I have moved on from a student life to a working life. Working is not as merry as I used to think last time. Yet, it holds a very valuable and memorable experience for me.

During my quest for a job, BP healthcare came to me. I thought it was a good timing as I desperately need a job and that branch is very near to my home. I accepted the offer as a Management Trainee/Medical Laboratory Technologist even though the overall package is not attractive and has 1.5-year contract. At that time, I really thought it would be “the one”.

Little did I know, I was actually boarded a “pirate ship”. My job scope is wide and need to cover so many things, from selling screening packages to handling the daily collection and the accounts for this centre. I don’t even being paid for my OT! So kedekut..

The challenge for this job is to draw blood sample from the customer. I need to poke a human! My hands were trembling while drawing for the first time. But now it’s better and manages to successfully draw blood in one trial. Besides blood, we need to handle human urine and feces every day! And it’s very disgusting, you know!

Despite that, what I like in this job is that it involves my medical field and I like dealing with customers even though some may be troublesome and very demanding. I would rather to deal with humans than the machines in lab which is boring! My colleagues are friendly and we’re able to “click” easily. Our fun time is to complaint about the work, complaint about our lazy colleagues who don’t want to do work, complaint about terrible customers and the list goes on.

In the end, I don’t regret taking up this job because I am doing something that I like. But, in the long term, it’s quite limited to grow in this place. Recently went for an interview at a pharmaceutical company, EP Plus, as a product consultant. Seems like that pharma company has better future than my current place. Should I leave for the pharma company if I got the offer? Hmm....

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Time to go Back Home

This is my last post from Adelaide as I will be going back to Malaysia next Wednesday!! Finally!!

But before going back home, I will be heading up to Gold Coast. Yay!! Will be visiting the beaches and enjoy the sunshine. Will be going to the theme parks as well. Surely an enjoying and memorable summer trip before going back to Malaysia.

I have been started to packing my luggage and my room is in a mess!! Always lazy to start packing and then end up have to do it last minute. This time felt heart heavy to leave here as I will not be coming back here again until my graduation next year. At first when reached here, felt homesick and then when the time to go back, don’t feel going back home already. Is it funny? I kinda miss this place, especially my room. But, have to face the reality; it’s time to move on and begin another chapter of life – working life…

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Personality Test

Have you done any personality test that is so accurate that could freak you out? My friend and I did a personality based on drawing and found it quite accurate for all of us. The picture above was my drawing.

Below was what my friend told me after analyzing based on the features drew:

Mountain: source of income. 2 mountains perhaps meaning both from my parents

Sun: introvert personality (yup!). Smiling sun, cheerful personality (very true)

Road: I don’t welcome my friend to my house. True, since young till now I don’t like my friends to come to my house

House: both sides of house present meaning both parents equally influence me

Fence: I have strong self-protective as it fencing around the house (very true). And I don’t tell secrets to anyone (trustable)

Snake: enemy in love as the tree represent my partner

River: represents career

Birds and dog: I have very good friends to share my secrets

We were all surprised by the different way of drawing a same feature. For example, my friends would draw the road facing the main door; sun in sky instead between the mountains; numbers of mountains, there was one friend drew up to 5 mountains!!

But some aspects that we still could not decipher like the position of the features and the sizes. Could you help me in detailing them all? Thank you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

李佳薇 煎熬(Jess Lee - Suffering) 完整版MV -華納official HQ官方版MV

Heard this song before? It's from 李佳薇, winner of 超級星光大道 season 7 and she is a Malaysian!! Malaysia Boleh!!

I had a goosebump when first heard this song. Its MV... err.. i should say very unique. My friend commented it's a rubbish and disgusting!! Well, kinda agree at first but i like the message behind this MV especially at the ending where the main actress clean up herself and turn a new life.

Highly recommended!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mid-Autumn 2011

I know it is too late to wish but Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all!! I just got back from Moon Lantern Festival in conjunction with OzAsia Festival 2011. Oh well, I had a different experience of this year’s Mooncake Festival.

To start off, i got a job (finally) in a Hong Kong grocery and had been working for 3 weeks already. Got paid $7 per hour and worked for 21 hours per week. So suddenly got rich and been treating my friends generously. After started working, now I will buy food or coffee whenever I want to without further consideration. Before working, I will ask myself to buy or not to? But now? Will just pamper myself whenever I want to.

My boss is a Taiwanese. He treated all of us dinner at a Chinese restaurant on Sunday. At that dinner he came to our table and asked us to drink red wine. According to my friend, Taiwanese like to drink alcohol. My lady boss kept asking us to drink that night and the rest of my girls’ colleagues bottoms-up a glass of red wine which made my have no choice but to drink as well. Apparently, that’s the way how they celebrated the festival, eating and drinking wine.

Felt homey during that night because the boss treated us like part of his family members especially students like me studying away from home. Miss my parents so much!! If I were at Malaysia, I would be spending my time with family and eating mooncakes.

What I festival without mooncakes? I bought black sesame snow skin mooncake for myself as I love snow skin mooncakes so much!! The mooncake was from Hong Kong and the taste was not too bad but still prefer Tai Tong’s. The traditional mooncake was given from my boss. Didn’t really like this one though.

This was how I celebrated this festival. Completely different from how I celebrated at Malaysia. Indeed memorable experience for my already dead boring life at Adelaide. Will be going back to Malaysia by end of this year and I can’t wait for it!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Other Truth

I’m a great fans of TVB dramas. Have been watching TVB dramas since primary school where my mother used to rent the tapes. And I learn Cantonese from watching TVB dramas.

Type of dramas I like most is the fight-between-concubines in palace or women-fight type, for example金枝慾孽, War and Beauty, or most recent, 宮心計, Beyond the Realm of Conscience, or in modern drama, 女人最痛, Beauty Knows No Pain.

Recently finish aired真相, The Other Truth is the must watch dramas till now. So far until now, only this TVB drama I watched from head to toe.

It is a lawyer occupation drama. Yup, you must be thinking not a lawyer drama again right after Ghetto Justice (another lawyer drama)? But, TVB’s professional occupations types of dramas are mostly good and usually got high ratings.

This drama is different from other lawyer dramas in terms of cases. For example, in one of the cases, it shows the process of choosing juries in court, which is very new to me; I have never watched the process before in other TVB dramas.

So, if you like TVB dramas, I high recommend you to watch this one. Very addictive, at least for me..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coming Back from Holiday

Have just returned back from a week-long Melbourne/Sydney trip few days back. And got down by sore throat and flu. The trip was tiring and I did not sleep well.

From previous post, I said I will be going to Melbourne and Tasmania but… damn Tiger airways!! Tiger cancelled our flight to Melbourne from Adelaide and we only got to know it when we reached at Adelaide’s airport!! Apparently the Tiger’s service was terminated by Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia for safety inspection till end of this month, which means we can’t go to Tasmania.

Our whole plan was ruined by them. We had paid nonrefundable deposit for Melbourne accommodation deposit and, by all means, we had to check-in by 9 pm on 2nd of July. So, in one hour discussion, we decided to drive from Adelaide to Melbourne, a journey of 700 km. Had pit stop at Blue Lake at Mount Gambier and ate Hungry Jack’s before hitting the road again. I took turn to drive and it was my first time driving in Australia illegally because I did not bring my driving license from Malaysia. It took us 12 hours to reach Melbourne.

It was Saturday night and can see many people on the street everywhere. It was not a surprise for us as this is Melbourne city’s nightlife!! In Sydney, the same. The city was still lively and noisy at night. You never find this in Adelaide.

Melbourne and Sydney, the two big cities that I wanted to visit so badly.. hopefully I have the chance to go back these places for year-end countdown..